Saturday, August 29, 2009

What we're doing right now (August)

We've been crafting with embroidery floss like this
we've used a wooden hoop, plastic needle, stretchy floss & I've had to use a skewer to pre-punch into the felt sheets I had on hand. Wasn't able to come across burlap easily (don't buy rice by the bag, but might get some sacks soon - I hope :)

Last week we scrunched tissue paper squares onto a rainbow (using glue, large sheets of paper & gift tissue). That was a big hit, but would've worked better inside (wind + tissue = bad), and we'll continue to work on our rainbow art this week.

My fingertip crayons came in the mail & the kids had a great time this morning creating masterpieces on the easel using them today.

I re-orged our visible toy shelf (the open shelving that's out of reach) & put the pom pom basket (complete with ikea cups/bowls, ice cream scoop & toilet paper tubes), beanbags, and puzzles & small piece items that are safe for both kids (lacing, basic board games, leapfrog letters..). Seems that many of these could/should be at their access, but there are too many toys "out" right now. Better to keep some things in sight/in mind, but out of reach till other toy sets get picked up :)

Our last 'big hit' of the week (month?) has been the bug carnival that Ellie & Drew have both enjoyed. Pathetic attempt at a habitat, but for general play & observation, it's appealing to both of them. Will hopefully make some faux butterfly nectar this week & put it in the 'pond' to attract some of those great monarchs we've seen outside!

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